Tenting 101: The 5 Most Important Kinds of Campfires And What They’re For

Understanding to ascertain a campfire from scratch is a feat. However realizing the right sort of fireside to develop on your desires is equally vital. The kind of fireplace you have to to construct depends upon on how an excellent deal wood you’ve got and what you’ll use it for. There are particular varieties handiest for cooking, for making an attempt to maintain you warmth or for a big group of campers.

No matter your cause, proper listed below are the 5 simplest types of campfires and what they’re for:


Teepee is essentially the most frequent and most well-known model of campfire. The cone-shaped construction has a basis which is massive and round which permits a superior stream of oxygen. In change, the sort of hearth burns highly regarded – greatest for gathering about it for a small crew of individuals. It’s also good for cooking swift meals and for warming. Teepee burns speedily, although – it consumes wood quick so it necessitates common routine upkeep.

Log Cabin

The log cabin hearth is designed by stacking thick logs parallel to at least one specific another, leaving place within the heart to allow air to stream. It is a gradual-burning fireplace, however requires small repairs and burns heat for a protracted time. The log cabin is good for cooler local weather when you have to to protect warmth by the use of the evening time.


Also called the the wrong way up pyramid, this type of campfire is similar to log cabin. It’s manufactured by stacking thick wood collectively forming a pound indicator and the fireplace is burned from the main, producing a platform of coals. Due to this, the system campfire is most wonderful for cooking meals objects.


When you could be decreased on firewood, that is the way in which to go. The star hearth burns the wood bit by little bit in contrast to different varieties which soften away the wooden all in the mean time. It’s a sluggish burning hearth that makes an excellent flame. This will also be extinguished conveniently simply by pulling the logs away from the centre. Start by producing a modest tepee fireplace then lay 5 thick logs about it, forming a “star”.

Lean To

Having a difficult time producing a campfire because of the truth of windy temperature? The lean to fireplace is your handiest alternative just because it takes benefit of its have wood as a windbreaker. Even despite the fact that it really is windy, this model of campfire necessitates little routine upkeep.

Now that the 5 most major types of campfire and what they’re for, it’s possible you’ll be much more assured in your future tenting journey!